Met Gala 2017 Best Hairstyles

Whatever the dress ideas, makeups and accessories celebrities choose for special events; hairstyles play a great role in the competition of the best look of the evening. Leaving alone all the discussions about the best and worst Met Gala looks here I draw your attention to the best hairstyles at Met Gala 2017. Check out the latest stunning looks of your favorite celebs and decide whom belongs the title of the “best hairstyle owner”.met gala 2017 hairstylesMet Gala 2017: Kim Kardashian Sleek Lob Hairstyle

Once more we see Kim in her super straight and sleek lob hairstyle combined with her sophisticated brunette hair color. It seems as if she is in love with this length, haircut and hairstyle combination as lately she rocks it quite often and doesn’t even think of any other hairstyle. Her super fascinating facial features look even more elegant and beautiful thanks to the sharp center part created on her hairstyle. It adds more balance and subtleness to her seductive face.Met Gala 2017; Rihanna Top Knot Hairstyle

Rihanna continues to keep up with futuristic and unique outfits and doesn’t forget to match them with flattering makeups and hairstyles. This time she has decided to keep all eyes on her dress, which hides her neck and therefore demands an updo hairstyle. The chosen top knot, in this case, is the best option. It suits her overall choice and brings out her face. The sleek and straight bangs make it more interesting and fashionable.met gala 2017 RihannaMet Gala 2017; Kendall Jenner Wet-Look Hairstyle

While every fashion blogger is into the hottest discussions about Kendal’s Met Gala 2017 look with an almost naked style I am here to speak about her super trendy hairstyle. So, Kardashian sisters prove that the trendiest hairstyle for 2017 still remains the lob cut. It is styled in a variety of ways and Kendall Jenner has chosen the wet-look and side swept lob hairstyle with some natural messiness and fancy waves. This hairstyle suits her overall style and capturing look.met gala 2017 Kendall jennerMet Gala 2017; Selena Gomez Bob Hairstyle

Her makeup with that flashy pink eyeshadow and nude lipstick creates a big yet interesting contrast and tends to inspire many makeup artists. So, Selena Gomez was just sparkling at the Met Gala 2017. Her red carpet look is one of the bests and her fresh hairstyle is of course of her hottest beauty weapons. This thick, center parted inverted bob hairstyle that frames her cute face is also very trendy thanks to the chosen warm brown hair color.selena gomez met gala 2017Met Gala 2017; Allison Williams Short Wavy Hairstyle

is this our favorite Marylyn Monroe style? Well, many celebrities try to copy her style including that retro bob but not everyone gets the desired result. Allison Williams is one of the luckiest celebrities who represent it in its best way. Her short haircut and blonde shade allow her to get the perfect retro bob hairstyle with voluminous curls and waves. It suits her very much and ideally goes with her makeup.Allison Williams short wavy hairstyle 2017