Low-Maintenance Hairstyle Ideas

At the end of week when party invites are flooding and you have less time for hair styling, you start thinking of the possible low-maintenance hairstyle ideas suitable for your hair texture and type. Different types of wavy, straight, updo and braided hairstyles achieved in a few minutes and so easily can look so beautiful as if you have just left the salon. With the help of professional hairstylists I have collected the best low-maintenance hairstyles for any occasion. Here they are!hairstyles-2017Center Parted Bun Hairstyle

Sleek and simple bun hairstyles with well-balanced center parting are not only cozy but also very fashionable for any occasion. You can style a cute center parted bun even on your greasy hair. This hairdo can become your favorite especially if you combine it with edgy or trendy makeups. Just use a hair cream or oil to make your locks sleek and straight. And then pass on to styling.center-parted-bun-2017Afro Hair with Texture

If you have Afro-American hair type and want to style it in a festive way you need to go for textured or shiny hairstyles using curl-enhancing products, gels or the alike. No matter your hair length, the most important thing is to make it fresh, more voluminous and attractive. Of course, the shorter your hair the quicker you’ll style it.afro-hairstyle-2017Tousled Waves Hairstyle

The next quick fix for your long or medium hair can be the tousled wavy hairstyle. This awesome hairdo grabs attention with its softness and natural look. It is so lovely and beautiful in voluminous and sometimes even messy styles. In order to get tousled waves all over your hair you can use curling iron or your braiding skills. Then fix the waves with hair spray.tousled-waves-hairstyle-2017Messy Pixie Hairstyle

If you have a short pixie hairstyle and need to make it festive there is the messy style waiting for you. Messy pixie hairstyles are soft, cute and bold at the same time. They are cool for evening parties and look better with subtle makeups. You can even pair it with back combing to bring out your face.messy-pixie-hairstyle-2017Bangs Haircut

Bangs are not just for huge changes. They are ideal when you want to look different. So, this weekend can be more interesting for you if you experiment with trendy bangs framing your cute face. Be it shaggy, straight, smooth or asymmetrical fringe is a good idea as a low-maintenance hairstyle and a quick fix.bangs-haircut-2017