Latest Half Up Half Down Hairstyles: Celebrity Looks

The advantage of half up half down hairstyles is that they are neither downdo nor updo hairstyles nor look very girlish. They are big hair trends among long-haired celebs who give us new approaches towards this style. Let’s discover more celebrity looks with half up half down hairstyles to try the best versions for casual days and formal occasions. Bring out your facial features with the help of this awesome hairdo.celebrity-half-updo-hairstyles-2017Jessica Alba Curly Half-Updo Hairstyle

Jessica Alba is one of my favorite celebrities who has subtle and luscious hair. She styles it into the most feminine hairdos and one of them is this curly half-updo. She has pulled all her hair out of the face to bring out her cuteness. Her haf-updo is fixed not only on the back part but also on the top. That is to say, she has taken her bangs out of the face to display her face shape too.jessica-alba-half-updo-hairstyle-2017Kendall Jenner Half Ponytail Hairstyle

Kendall is a hot brunette with medium to long hairstyles. She is another stylish beauty rocking cute semi-updo hairstyles. Recently we have seen her in a messy half ponytail hairstyle which has thin face framing strands around her seductive face. This hairdo suits her very much and looks subtle in spite of its messiness.kendall-jenner-half-updo-hair-2017Poppy Delevingne Half-Bun Hairstyle

Since half-bun is a big hairstyle trend for 2017 Poppy Delevingne has decide to bring it to a possible classy look. She has gone for a sleek and tight hairstyle which looks very soft thanks to her platinum blonde shade. This ravishing hairdo grabs attention and makes her style powerful. You can use half-bun hairstyles for any occasion.poppy-delevingne-half-updo-2017Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Slicked Back Half-Updo

Although slicked back hairstyles are comfy and they ideally display the face Rosie Huntington-Whiteley takes us back to the luxurious room of vintage hairstyles. They are voluminous, eye-catching bouffant half-updos with modern effects. So, she has created a cute combination of a retro and modern hairstyle. As a result we get a trendier slicked back style.rosie-huntington-whiteley-slicked-back-half-updo-2017Alyson Michalka Messy Half-Updo Hairstyle

Look at these messy beach waves. Don’t they look gorgeous in blonde shade and in a glam half-updo hairstyle? Alyson Michalka proves that the most seductive hairdos are messy waves. They are nicer in voluminous half-updo hairstyles paired with center parted face framing bangs. You can get this style on naturally wavy hair or already styled beach waves.alyson-michalka-messy-half-updo-hairstyle-2017