Hottest Celebrity Hair Transformations 2017

Celebrities who like to draw attention to their looks and styles often go for new haircuts, hairstyles and hair color ideas. While some try crazy shades others keep up with the latest hairstyle trends for 2017. Let’s have a look at the hottest celebrity hair transformations to pick up some new styles for our stylish looks.Hottest Celebrity Hair Transformations 2017Katy Perry Short Pixie Haircut

Katy Perry’s hair transformations are countless. It seems as if she starts thinking of a new hair color or haircut every morning. Her haircut and hairstyle ideas inspire many of her fans. Recently she again said goodbye to long hairstyles and went for a short pixie cut. She is stunning both in blonde and brunette hair colors, which make her very fresh and delightful. Her short cuts are never harsh as she has slender facial features and subtle face shape.Katy Perry short pixie haircut 2017Kim Kardashian Extra-Long Hair

While some chop off their locks into extra-short hair Kim Kardashian goes for extra-long hairstyles. One of her recent hairdos is the following long super straight and sleek hairstyle. She has keeps it in her natural brunette tone and preferred to play with more naturalness. This lady is always in the center of attention no matter what. She is a big trendsetter and if she has chosen this particular hairstyle for 2017 then we are going to see it widely worn by many stylish women both in showbiz and on the streets.Kim Kardashian 2017 extra-long hair 2017Selena Gomez Lob Haircut

Selena Gomes’s latest haircut is considered as one of the most fashionable haircuts for women over 20. It’s a cute lob with some shag in it. This haircut goes well both with thick and thin air types and easily refreshes any hair state. Selena looks fresher and more youthful in such a lovely and trendy hairstyle. it frames her tender face.ena Gomezlob haircut 2017Hailey Baldwin Wet-Look Bob Hairstyle

Look at this seductive stunner. It’s Hailey Baldwin with her super trendy wet-look bob hairstyle. She has finally gone for a fabulous short haircut, which sparkles in this shiny ombre hair color and wet-look waves. It seems as if she has just come out of the pool and rocks her natural beauty. This haircut is now considered as a prom-ready hairstyle.hailey baldwin 2017 hair 2017Bella Thorne Blue Waves Hairstyle

We are used to see Bella Thorne is fantastic blonde hair colors including the trendy strawberry shade as well as in sleek layered hairstyles but she likes to play with posh experiments too. Her latest choice is the deep blue hair color with dark roots worn on a medium wavy hairstyle. This has changed her look and made her more attractive. It’s an edgy yet sophisticated experiment.BELLA THORNE blue hair 2017