Hottest Celebrity Balayage Hair Colors 2017

Add a kind of depth and dimension to your ombre hair color and make it more sparkling. Balayage is a natural-looking way of highlighting hair. While we all know and like ombre hair colors there are more fashionable balayage hair colors for 2017 from celebs. Balayage is a big hair trend to try on medium to long hairstyles. This style usually compliments wavy and curly hairstyles.balayage hair colors 2017Mindy Kaling Balayage Hair Color

Mindy Kaling has naturally dark brown hair color, which looks beautiful with caramel balayage highlights. This style warms up her hair color and makes it prettier. You may try a warm chestnut brown and caramel hair color mixture to get a richer balayage shade. it will lighten up your dark hair and make your complexion subtler.Mindy Kaling balayage hair color 2017Miranda Kerr Balayage Hair Color

This cutie plays with natural-looking hair colors and feminine haircuts. Her medium to long hair always looks very soft and inspiring thanks to her hairstyles and hair color choices. Miranda Kerr has gone for balayage hair color several times. Her sophisticated brown to blonde mixture is delightful. You may highlight the tips of your hair with warm blonde shade if you have light brown or chestnut brown base shade.Miranda Kerr balayage hair color 2017Jessica Alba Balayage Hair Color

There is something very impressive and hot in Jessica Alba’s hairstyles. She goes for the latest trendy cuts and dyes her hair in matching ombre and balayage hair colors. This lovely side swept hairstyle in balayage hues is one of her best looks. Her dark brown hair is highlighted with dirty blonde and light caramel blonde hair colors, which provide her long hair with a glamorous touch.Jessica Alba balayage hair color 2017Chrissy Teigen Balayage Hair Color

Chrissy Teigen is a master of balayage hair colors. Her long layered hairstyles are often highlighted with light brown, ash blonde and caramel shades. She has warm skin tone but is never afraid of light hair colors. She combines her dark hair with lighter tones and the result is this awesome shade. Her brown eyes compliment these light shades and create natural balance.Chrissy Teigen balayage hair color 2017Gina Rodriguez Balayage Hair Color

Copy Gina Rodriguez’s balayage hair color if you want to accentuate your trendy style. She has dark hair but lightens it up with balayage. This hair color idea works well with her skin tone. It seems as if her dark and light shades equally frame her face and bring out her eyes and skin color.Gina Rodriguez balayage hair color 2017