Celebrity Short Curly Hairstyles

Many of our favorite celebrities rock short haircuts but the majority is into straight and sleek hairdos. What about curls? Here are the best celebrity short curly hairstyles special for those who need extra-inspiration to style and cut their curls right. Find out the most attractive short curly haircut idea for your locks and embrace your trendy look with a fancy hairdo.short curly hairstyles celebs 2017Lola Monroe Short Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Lola Monroe has become unrecognizable after that sparkling platinum blonde hair color, which softens her short curls and makes her more glamorous. This hair color is one of the hottest shades she has ever worn. Her black hair, now seems too simple for her. Platinum blonde textured curls with short side parts are amazingly beautiful and attractive.Lola Monroe short curly pixie 2017Rita Ora Short Curly Asymmetrical Bob

Rita Ora is a big fan of blonde hair colors and short asymmetrical haircuts. She likes to keep her hairstyles messy, voluminous and curly. This short asymmetrical bob haircut in blonde shade and dark roots is a cool combination for her complexion and overall look. It suits her face shape and that seductive facial expression. If you want to change up your dark hair into a fascinating hairstyle then this could be the best to experiment with.RITA ORA short curly bob hairstyle 2017Jennifer Lawrence Short Messy Curls

Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite celebs who wear the most flattering haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors for her face shape and skin tone. This time we see her in an angelic platinum hairstyle with short messy curls. It proves how beautiful a girl can look in simple messy hairstyles and subtle makeups. Her style is simple and casual and loos trendier thanks to the dark roots.jennifer lawrence short curly hair 2017Rihanna Short Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Although Rihanna has natural curls but she sometimes goes for straight hairstyles too. Her short haircuts are mainly hot combinations of straight and curly styles. Thanks to the flashy undercuts her hair looks neat at the sides and very voluminous on the top. These curls keep her black hairstyles shiny and girlish. They are perfect with bangs.Rihanna short curly pixie hairstyle 2017Taylor Swift Short Curly Hairstyle

Let me tell a secret about this hairstyle worn by Taylor Swift. It’s not a real bob. It’s not a short curly haircut. It’s just a cute faux bob hairstyle created on long hair. As a result Taylor has confused many of her fans with this hairstyle. It is short in its length and looks like a real curly bob haircut.taylor Swift short curly hair 2017