Academy Awards 2017: Hottest Updo Hairstyles

Leaving alone all the posh gowns, accessories and trendy makeups worn by celebrities special for the night of the Academy Awards 2017 here I represent the most beautiful updo hairstyles for 2017.  Thinking of prom-ready hairstyles? Keep on reading and you’ll meet the trendiest updo style for your hair.  These are considered as the most wowed hairstyles during the night.updo hairstyles Oscars 2017Emily Ratajkowski’s High Messy Bun Hairstyle

Emily Ratajkowski’s makeup is today’s most discussed trend in many fashion blogs but it wouldn’t grab that much attention if wasn’t this high messy bun hairstyle. It brings out her killer facial features, sparkling eyes and seductive lips. It’s one of the casual hairstyles that have become a red carpet worthy one for many celebs. She has created it with simple hacks but the result is so luxurious and capturing.Emily Ratajkowski hair oscars 2017Kate Beckinsale’s Undone Updo Hairstyle

What about Kate Beckinsale’s dress? Yes, that’s really glamorous and stunning, but look at her cute undone updo hairstyle with those curly face framing strands. They are not short and common bangs but just her long face framing layers. They create an imperfect-perfect updo hairstyle that makes her look younger and more girlish. Women with such hairstyles are surely very feminine. Kate Beckinsale was sparkling during the evening not only with her gown but also thanks to this lovely hairstyle.Academy Awards 2017 Hottest Updo HairstylesKirsten Dunst’s Messy Updo Hairstyle

There are cases when celebrities prove that they can turn heads with their messy and casual hairstyles too. Leaving alone the sleek and tight updos Kirsten Dunst has chosen this blonde messy updo hairstyle with dark roots and wavy finish for the Oscars 2017. She is gorgeous in her hairstyle and hair color choices, which she likes to match with flattering makeups. Women with thin and mid-length hair can consider this hairdo for many prom nights and parties.Kristen Dunst hair oscars 2017Felicity Jones’s Half-Updo Hairstyle

Felicity Jones’s hair is no longer short and she prefers appearing in special events with simple and girlish hairstyles. Her traditional half-updo is so delightful, angelic and celestial with her subtle dress. This chestnut brown shade has always been one of the best hair colors for her light complexion and eyes. it brings out the lightness of her skin and draws attention to her dainty eyes.oscars 2017 Felicity Jones half updo hairstyle 2017Sofia Carson’s Updo Hairstyle

Words are too poor to describe Sofia Carson’s princess hairstyle. It’s a sleek, classy and elegant bun hairdo with side swept bangs. It seems as if Sofia Carson has just stepped out of a fairy-tale. Her inspiring and fresh style is so lavishing especially due to that incredible dress and matching hair accessory. Her look and hairstyle is surely the winner of the night.oscars 2017 Sofia Carson updo hairstyle