2017 Layered Hairstyle Ideas from Hollywood

As sometimes it’s not an easy task to pick the right haircut to update hair stylists often offer layered haircuts. They are always in thing and will never be out of style because every type of hair is thankful for layers. They make hair more attractive, fresher and nicer. Have a look at the best layered hairstyles from Hollywood for 2017. You’ll fall in love with some of the cool solutions of layered cuts.layered hairstyles 2017Keira Knightley Short Layered Haircut

Women with thin and sleek hair types seldom go for short pixie hairstyles as they generally look thinner than their previous hairstyles. However, professional celebrity stylists find great ideas to make thin locks look fuller even in short styles.  Keira Knightley’s short layered pixie haircut is a perfect example for you to consider in 2017. It’s a shaggy layered haircut with matching highlights, which add depth and dimension making hair look fuller.2017 Layered Hairstyle Ideas from HollywoodKristen Stewart Asymmetrical Layered Hairstyle

Kristen Stewart always appears with unique and eye-catching hairstyles. Her short asymmetrical bob with tons of layers has become even messier and more original with these messy touches. It’s an edgy haircut idea for those who look for creative alternatives of bob or short uneven haircuts. The created choppy and textured look keeps her hair voluminous and so charming.Kristen Stewart asymmetrical layers 2017Blake Lively Wavy Layered Hairstyle

The wind-blown and natural-looking messy hairstyle worn by Blake Lively van be your next date night hairdo. It’s a long wavy layered haircut styled into a chic half-updo hairstyle with a retro touch in it. This subtle and delightful hairstyle is a cool thing to match with tender outfits and accessories. It’s one of the most feminine hairstyles for long layers.Blake Lively wavy layers hair 2017Cara Delevinge Long layered Haircut

We mostly see Cara Delevinge in long shaggy layers. This is her favorite style as she feels quite cozy in it and brings out her wild beauty. Her long layers are usually updated with fresh hair colors, loose waves, curls and undone hairstyles. This style suits her face shape and inner nature. She is a unique girl with and incredible taste.Cara Delevingne long layers 2017Rachel McAdam Medium Layered Hairstyle

Rachel McAdam knows how to rock the 90’s coolest blow-out hairstyles with modern effects. Her thick hair allows her to go for voluminous and attractive medium layered hairstyles that frame this cute face. If you have medium hair you can steal Rachel McAdam’s many blow-out hairstyles. Side parting can just highlights the beauty of this hairdo.Rachel McAdams medium layered hair 2017