Latest Pixie Haircut Ideas 2018

The boldest hairstyles for 2018 are considered short pixie cuts. They are worn on any type of hair from tight curls to super straight thin strands. The most important thing to remember before going for a short pixie haircut is your face shape. It should be suitable and slender for the chosen haircut. Make sure you have the matching face shape and then chop off your hair.

Wavy Hairstyles for Pixie Cuts 2017

Have you recently gone for a short pixie haircut? Let’s make it as feminine as possible with these wavy hairstyles for pixie cuts 2017. Wavy hairdos are great for any haircut but they make short hair very elegant, pretty and festive. These hairstyles are luxurious for any party and special occasion. Pick up the hairstyles that seem to be perfect for your pixie cut.wavy hairstyles for short hair 2017Finger Waves for Pixie Cut

Retro waves have been popular for many years. Today they are the most popular prom hairstyles for pixie cuts. Celebrities opt for finger waves to beautify their short pixie cuts for the posh red carpet events. If this is the case that allows you to become a stunning lady then style your locks into finger waves and fix with hair spray.

Grown Out Pixie Hairstyle Ideas

If your pixie haircut is already grown out and you don’t want to go back for that super short cut then you should discover matching hairstyles for the current length. I am here to help you find out the best grown out pixie hairstyle ideas. You’d better style your hair in a variety of ways instead of opting for the some dull hairdo. I am sure you’ll love some of these cool looks.grown out pixie hairstyles 2017Side Swept Grown Out Pixie Hairstyle

One of the easiest ways to make your pixie haircut pretty and feminine is styling it by side parting. You can do it with messy, straight or slightly wavy hair. This hairstyle idea is cute in light hair colors and with natural-looking makeups. You can dye your hair in a blonde shade keeping the roots darker.  

Short Pixie Hairstyles 2017

What’s the mystery of short pixie haircuts? Why are they so popular? Well, there are several reasons why women opt for short pixie haircuts for 2017. One of the main reason is that its’ cozy. Another fascinating thing about it is that it brings out facial features and draws attention to the face shape. And finally, pixie is a brave cut for women and anyone who goes for this style stands out with her super fashionable look. Here are the latest pixie hairstyles.short-pixie-haircuts-2017Short Blonde Pixie Hair

When we speak about pixie haircuts we can’t but mention the importance of hair colors. Here we deal with a short and boyish haircuts, which require more creativity and subtle touches to look feminine. Blonde is a fabulous shade to consider for short pixie haircuts. It has the power to soften even the shortest haircuts. Anyone can find the most suitable shade of blonde for her short cut. From the most natural-looking blonde hues to the boldest platinum shades there are millions blonde hair color trends for 2017.

Golden Globe Awards 2017: Best Celebrity Pixie Hairstyles

Check out 5 best celebrity pixie hairstyles at Golden Globes 2017. These stunners will give you new ideas on how to style your short cut into festive and eye-catching hairdos. Also pay attention to makeups and accessories, which play a great role when hair is too short. Find out the most feminine look and copy the hottest pixie hairstyle according to your current haircut and hair type.goolden-globes-2017-pixie-hairstylesKristen Wiig’s Pixie Hairstyle

Women over 40 can consider Kristen Wiig’s blonde pixie hairstyle for 2017. Her classic style has always been in the center of attention. She looks very powerful with that short and cozy haircut. Paired with natural-looking makeup, cute earrings and a posh, seductive white dress from Reem Acra Kristen Wiig was sparkling during the event.

Newest Pixie Hairstyles for 2017

After so many celebrity looks with pixie cuts we may have some rest and enjoy the newest looks inspired both by celebrities and stylish models. Let’s check out the newest pixie hairstyles for 2017. This time I have chosen unique ideas to give you the best inspiration for 2017. Try something new and enjoy the advantage of being original.newest-pixie-hairstyles-for-2017Messy Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

When you cut off the sides of the hair instead of shaving you get the chance to match it with the rest of the messiness on the top. This type of pixie is a great idea for straight and thick hair. It is generally styled with shaggy touches and looks can be cut with layers which look better with highlights. Such hairstyles grab attention and highlight your personality.

Celebrity Pixie Haircuts for 2017

If you have decided to join the group of brave celebrities rocking pixie hairstyles in 2017 then check out these stunning examples of the hottest pixie cuts worn by some of our favorite famous ladies. Pixie cuts grab attention and highlight your facial features. If you are ready for this amazing transformation then start today. Decide the desired cut and visit the nearest salon.pixie-haircuts-celebrities-2017Valorie Curry Classic Pixie Hairstyle

Our cute twilight star Valorie Curry is here to inspire you with her short and classic pixie hairstyle. This is perhaps the easiest and the most popular pixie haircut that you can meet in the fashion world. However, it doesn’t suit everyone and requires slender face and too subtle facial features. Thanks to her flawless skin and light complexion Valorie Curry looks gorgeous in the warm reddish brown hair color.

Popular Mohawk Hairstyles for Women

Mohawk is an edgy and eye-catching hairstyle idea that has stolen from men’s fashion and is used a female hairstyle too. It is mainly worn on short haircuts with modern twists and original. Women rocking Mohawk hairstyles are quite confident and interesting. This hairstyle is chosen for all hair types including natural styles. Let’s check out the most popular Mohawk hairstyles.mohwak-hairstyles-for-women-2017Curly Mohawk Hairstyle

The most exquisite Mohawk hairstyle is the one combined with curls. It is more gorgeous in trendy shades. Rihanna is a big fan of Mohawk hairstyles. She goes for short undercuts keeping her textured curls more voluminous and attractive. This shade of dirty blonde makes her hairstyle shinier and nicer. It’s an inspiring Mohawk hairdo for many black ladies.

Best Wavy and Curly Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie haircut continues to remain one of the most demanded styles among stylish women. They choose this haircut for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that women want to bring out their killer face shape and facial features, second, they are tired of long and damaged locks and third, they want to stand out in the crowd with their unique and trendy look. Whatever your goal, here are the best wavy and curly pixie hairstyles in different shapes.wavy-curly-pixie-hairstyles-2017Short Tousled Waves Pixie

Not everyone is blessed with natural curls and waves. Straight-haired women sometimes look for inspiring wavy hairstyles to soften their strands especially when they are short. Tousled waves and curls can add volume and more interest to short pixie cuts. Women who have natural waves or curls can use curl-enhancing products and blow drier for this amazing result.

Best Pixie Haircuts for Straight Hair

Any haircut has its demands concerning your hair type, texture and sometimes even shade. The secret to a trendy look is hidden behind the haircut you choose. Pixie haircuts have been requested among stylish women for a long time and they continue to be in thing. In spite of being short pixie has a lot to offer us for all hair types. Today you’ll see the most beautiful pixie haircuts for straight hair. Choose the most flattering cut for you.pixie-hairstyles-2017-straight-hairShort Straight Pixie Hairstyle

The shortest pixie haircuts usually have straight styles. Those looking for comfy and edgy haircuts for their thick and straight hair may like the idea of this pixie cut. It brings out facial features and looks awesome in light hair colors. If you wear it on dark hair it will be boyish. So, make sure to combine it with a nice, light and subtle shade.

6 Hot Pixie Hairstyles

The edgiest haircut for women of all times is the pixie cut. This boyish and masculine style is no longer something new for us. It has become so popular that any woman tired of her long mane goes for a short cut just considering pixie cuts. Pixie hairstyles are requested among many celebrities too. Those who want to bring out their cute face or draw attention to their astonishing look go for short pixie haircuts. Here you see the latest trends of pixie hairstyles.pixie-hairstyles-2017Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

Undercuts are popular male hairstyles but they are stolen by women. This style is special for those who want to draw attention in the public. Since they are harsh stylists recommend going for girlish and cute hair colors to add a feminine touch and make them nicer. You can choose two-tone pastel hair color, blonde or silver shades for your hot undercut pixie hairstyle.