Latest Long Hairstyle Ideas 2018

There are such fascinating and feminine long hairstyles for 2018 that you’ll fall in love with some of the fanciest looks. Actually, the longer your hair the prettier you’ll look but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to update your haircuts or hair colors. Try to make long hairdos as beautiful as possible with these modern cuts and shades.

Cutest Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

It is beyond discussion that long hair is the most desired condition when it comes to braided hairstyles. Need a great inspiration? Have a look at these cute braided hairstyles for long hair and start styling your locks with modern twists and fancier touches. Choose matching accessories, subtle headbands and ribbon ties to beautify your braided hairstyles and make them festive for the coming holidays and parties.cutest-braided-hairstyles-for-long-hair-2017Polished French Braid Hairstyle

French braids are perhaps the most popular braided hairstyles. I remember them from my childhood when my mom used to style my locks like this as a cozy and polished hairstyle that keeps control over the length and texture of hair. Women with long strands often use French braids as second-day hairdos. Besides being so polished and comfy they are also classic and neat.

Extra-Long Hair Trends for 2017

When hair is extra-long there is no way out to be unnoticed. We seldom meet women with too long and luscious hair. This type requires everyday care and is beautiful only if it’s healthy and shiny. Today you’ll see the best extra-long hair trends for 2017. In case you have long hair but have a kind of lack of inspiration check out these hairstyles and never ever complain of dull looks.extra-long-hair-trends-for-2017Extra-Long Sleek Hairstyle

When hair is wavy or curly you hardly notice damaged or broken ends but when it comes to straight hair you must be quite careful. This hair type is pretty in sleek and shiny hairstyles. It is easy to create with hair protective cream and flat iron. If you have bangs you can refresh them with blunt or layered cuts. The result is awesome especially with some sharp layers.

Hottest Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long-haired beauties are really lucky as they have the opportunity to style any updo hairdo they like. Long, thick and healthy hair is blessing. So, instead of complaining of your tresses, just embrace them with the trendiest hairstyles. The hottest updo hairstyles for long hair that are in thing at the moment are as follows.updo-hairstyles-for-long-hair-2017Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

I think the most popular updo hairstyle for long hair is the ballerina bun. It will be in style as long as ballerinas rock it. This polished and attractive hairstyle is used not only by ballerinas but also by elegant and classic women who want to look as neat as possible as well as keep their strands out of the face.

Cute Wedding Hair Ideas

Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid or just a wedding guest here are the cutest wedding hairstyle ideas for you to try in 2017. According to your taste you can rock either a polished updo or a boho downdo. Whatever you pick, you are going to be very stylish and pretty with one of these hairstyles. Try to match everything with your gown, makeup, accessories and entire style to get a harmonious and elegant look. Pay special attention to your face shape while making your hairstyle choice. Brides can even consult with a stylist and try several options before their big Side Swept Wedding Hair

Long hair gives us the best chances to wear stunning wedding hairstyle. Actually, you can do everything with it to create luxurious and festive styles. Here I one cute example for you to experiment with for the next party. It is super sassy and attractive.

Super Long Hairstyle Ideas from Runway

Today we seldom meet women with super long and healthy hair. This longer your hair the more it takes for styling and care which means that it’s not the right style for everyone. The most important thing in long hair is its thickness and health. Some celebrities prove that they are the most inspiring long-haired beauties with trendy long hairstyles. Have a look at some of the best looks and styles.runway-long-hairstyles-2017Long Loose Waves

Between super long hairstyles loose or relaxed waves have their special place. In case you are looking for a polished yet subtle hairstyle idea loose waves can come for help. They are achieved with hair protective cream and curling iron.

Long Hairstyle Trends 2017

Super long and seductive hairstyles will never leave us. They are always in thing but sometimes need more creative solutions and styling approaches. Fortunately, stylists work hard and do their best to create fresh hairstyles not only for short haircut trends but also long hairstyles for 2017. Check out these lovely looks and get inspired by the freshest long hairdos with layers, bangs and other modern twists.long-hairstyles-2017Kim Kardashian Long Old Hollywood Curls

Kim has tried almost very long hairstyle in many shades of blonde and brown but she is an inspiring brunette with her glamorous hairdos. One of these hairstyles is her long Old Hollywood curls, which are considered as one of the most beautiful prom hairdos for long-haired ladies. It’s a trendy style to rock with deep side parting.

Long Wavy Hairstyle Ideas

If you are not a big fan of sleek hairstyles then keep on reading as you are going to be inspired by the most sophisticated long wavy hairstyle ideas.  This string of wavy hairdos will take you to the world of the most feminine styles and will open the secret of looking so girlish with simple tricks. Wavy styles often undergo modern changes and they are always ready to provide us with festive looks.long-wavy-hairstyles-2017Long Beach Waves Hairstyle

Simple and sassy hairstyles sometimes look so cute and girlish that you don’t want to think of another option. One of my favorite hairstyles for long hair is beach waves. This effortless hairdo is awesome especially for straight and thin hair.

Stylish Easy To Do Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is usually styled in simple and common styles because of the lack of time, but this doesn’t mean that you have to choose the same hairdos over and over again. Hairstyles tend to undergo modern changes and new solutions, therefore we are always offered stylish easy to do hairstyles for long hair. Let’s leave alone all the old-fashioned hairstyles and open the doors for fancy and more attractive hairdos.long-easy-hairstyles-2017Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

I know how tired you are of the same ponytail hairstyle that’s why I’ll offer a new idea. Look at this classic twisted ponytail. It reminds us of a Half French twist updo hairstyle. You can choose it for your long hair whenever you seek for a modern pony hairdo.  

New Long Hairstyles from Celebrities

All you want to copy from talented and inspiring celebrities are their trendy outfits, makeups, hairstyles and hair colors. We love those who keep their hair long enough to style in a variety of feminine hairdos. Among them we find Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora, Solange and many others. Find out the best long hairstyles from celebrities and use the trends that seem to flatter your hair texture.long-celebrity-hairstyles-2017Kim Kardashian Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

Look at this stunner. She is always the most seductive long-haired brunette in Hollywood. Her dark and luscious mane is often styled into the classiest hairstyles. One of the latest long hairdos that Kim Kardashian made a big trend is the slicked back straight style. This simple yet luxurious hairstyle ideally displays her capturing face.

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