Latest Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2018

Bob hairstyles 2018 have millions of structures and styles. They come up in a number of trendy looks which go well with most hair types. Of course, straight bobs are classier than curly styles, but curly and wavy hairstyles, in their turn, are quite feminine, girlish and cute. Women with strong desire to frame their face with modern haircuts are welcome to experiment with the most flattering bob haircuts.

Shaggy Bob Haircut Ideas

Shag and razor cuts are the latest trends for short hair. If you are looking for a cool update to spice up your look or just need to take your short haircut to the next level, check out these shaggy bob haircuts. Pick a crazy style that will make you look younger and more attractive. Short shaggy hairstyles are cute and girlish.shaggy-bob-haircut-ideas-2017Shaggy French Bob

In spite of the opinion that French bob is the sleekest, classiest and neatest bob hairstyle stylists offer its shaggy options for 2017. The reason is that old hairstyles are today beautified with modern touches and shag is one of them. Try this fascinating haircut with short bangs and go for voluminous and messy hairstyles. Show us how modern and fancy a French bob can be.

Low-Maintenance Bob Haircuts for 2017

Short haircuts are the most convenient and effortless hairstyles that take less time for styling than long cuts. There are plenty of short haircut ideas to match with different face shapes. This time you’ll be inspired by the best low-maintenance bob haircuts for 2017. I know you need a fresh and chic haircut, which will be better than any other hairstyle idea. Bobs are always cool when it comes to creating a new look.low-maintenance-bob-haircuts-for-2017Messy Bob Haircut

Messy hairstyles seem to be the best for busy girls. These are stylish and attractive hairstyles that require no additional styling to look gorgeous. All you need is a fresh cut and the use of volumizing hair spray. Your bedhead hairstyles can become the most seductive options for casual days. Messy bob haircuts look better in voluminous and soft effects, which you can get by subtle hair colors and cotton candy hairstyles.

5 Bob Haircuts to Try Now

Bob is the cut that is always taken to the next level. Thanks to professional hairstylists we have the opportunity to opt for the bob haircuts that suit our face shape and go well with our entire style. If you like this haircut then discover its latest varieties and the most recent solutions. We’ll help you find the best cute for your hair.5-bob-haircuts-to-try-now-2017Short Bob Haircut with Bangs

Bang haircuts add an interesting effect to bob hairstyles. They are more beautiful when you match the styling technique. So, if you have straight hair then opt for a sleek bob with blunt bangs and if you have waves keep it wavy all around. As a modern haircut this hairstyle is very charming and attractive. In order to keep it so glamorous you need to dye your hair in a fresh monotone shade of red, blonde, brown or black.

Latest Wavy Bob Hairstyles 2017

There are two main approaches towards a new haircut: to look more stylish and to refresh hair. If you fail the desired look you won’t look as beautiful as you wanted. When it comes to short haircuts stylists recommend to pay special attention to your hair texture and type. However there are possible styles of bob cuts for any hair type. Here are best wavy bob hairstyles for 2017. Since bobs are not too short, they give you the chance to rock super stylish hairdos for different occasions.wavy-bob-hairstyles-2017Natural Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Do you have natural waves? Perhaps they are already damaged and broken at the tips? What about a cool update? Opt for a nice short bob haircut and display your waves with a nicer effect. Just focus on your hair color to soften it and use hair sprays or gels special for naturally wavy hair to make your strands prettier.

Coolest Celebrity Lob Hairstyle Ideas

So long lob has been the most requested medium haircut among women of all age groups. If you have just decided to rock a trendy lob haircut then check out the coolest celebrity lob hairstyles to choose the best cut for your strands. Don’t forget about matching hair colors as they play a great role in this style. All kinds of long bob haircuts are ideal face –framing styles for different face shapes. These stunners know how to style it right.lob-hairstyles-celebrities-2017Emilia Clarke Messy Ombre Lob Hairstyle

Emilia Clarke loves long bob haircuts and she usually refreshes her hair with this cool style. Her messy and bouncy waves in ombre shade give the best idea how to play with lob haircuts. Light shades added to her face framing strands make the hairstyle subtler and prettier. It highlights her cuteness and girlish attractiveness. As for the center parted style, it creates balance and displays her dark roots.

Unique Bowl Bob Hairstyle Ideas

When it comes to bowl bob haircuts many think that it’s all about old-fashioned styles which will never be stylish. But wait and you’ll see. Retro inspired bowl bobs are making a huge comeback with modern touches and twist. Actually the unique bowl bob has an interesting story. Stylists tell that it was an old haircut popular among people who had little many to fix their locks in salons. Today we see bowl bobs worn by celebrities. It’s an effortless hairstyle and can be worn by anyone who looks for a flashy, modern and low-maintenance hairstyle.bowl-bob-haircuts-2017What is it?

Since bowl haircut is not a simple and common style that we often see on the streets let’s go deeper into the details and discover the charm of this style. So, what is it? The perfect bowl cut means cutting hair all around in the same length starting from the bangs and going all the way around the back part. This is perhaps the simplest approach towards bow bob haircuts. Today creative hairstylists create more interesting and fashionable cuts by adding various elements, styling ideas and layers to the standard bowl bob cut.

2017 Messy Bob Hair Trends

Shaggy and messy hairstyles are gradually becoming the most beautiful and requested styles in salons. Women ask for sharp and razor cuts to style their hair in the most fashionable messy hairdos. As for the trendy messy bob hairstyles for 2017 there so cute and lovely ideas, that you can use to spice up your hair. The best part about bobs is that everyone easily finds her style according to her face shape, hair type and texture.messy-bob-hairstyles-2017Short Messy Bob Haircut

The shorter your haircut the flashier you look. While short pixie haircuts are harsh bobs are cute and fabulous. They are attractive in messy and wavy hairstyles which add volume and texture. However, some straight styles can also look voluminous and messy if you focus on the face framing strands and bangs. You can create the desired shag with the help of blow drier and hair sprays.

Bob Haircuts for All Hair Types

There are several hair types from straight to super curly which call for different cuts and hairstyle solutions. However, bob is one of the most flexible haircuts that goes well with all hair types and has something to offer for your hair too. Check out these trendy bob haircuts for all hair types and decide which style compliments your current hair state.bob-hairstyles-2017Straight Thick Bob Hairstyle

Thick and straight hair is the best state for a simple bob haircut. If you want to update your locks you’d better chop off your hair into this style. Combine it with straight or side swept bangs as a modern touch. You can easily style it with flat iron. Stylists recommend to keep straight bob hairstyles in single-tone black, brown, red or blonde shade. They provide with a classy effect.

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