Latest Bob Hairstyle Ideas 2018

Bob hairstyles 2018 have millions of structures and styles. They come up in a number of trendy looks which go well with most hair types. Of course, straight bobs are classier than curly styles, but curly and wavy hairstyles, in their turn, are quite feminine, girlish and cute. Women with strong desire to frame their face with modern haircuts are welcome to experiment with the most flattering bob haircuts.

Huge Hairstyle Trends for 2018

There is no better way to welcome new year than updating our look. It is a great idea to change your wardrobe but outfit is not enough to provide you with a complete look. Consider changing your haircut and hair color as well. We have already seen lots of hairstyles that are back from the past but what we are going to see in the upcoming season. Well, get ready to see lots of layered haircuts with eye-gazing bangs. If you are looking for an inspiration, ahead, find the huge hairstyle trends for 2018.hairstyle ideas 2018Long Fringe

Want change, but not ready to take the plunge and go for full commitment? We offer you opting for long bangs. The fringes that hit right the hair are striking. It is really an excellent way to update your look without sacrificing your hair length. Lily Collins is an amazing way to accessorize your lob haircut and add some visual interest to the style. Just try it and you will not regret!

Long Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Everyone

Long bob or lob haircut is growing in popularity day by day. Lob haircut comes in various shades and shapes. Blunt lobs and razor sharp lobs are the most popular options for trendsetter women. Those who are looking for adventures, may opt for an asymmetrical version of the style. The ideas are limitless, you just need to find the best style for your complexion. Modern women are willing to switch up their hair color as well. A brand-new hair shade would breathe a new life to the lob. If you are ready to go for hair changes, check out these long bob hairstyle ideas and find your inspiration among these looks.long bob haircuts for 2017Chocolate Brown Lob Haircut

The following lob is for ladies who love to have a little bit chaos in their style. The look reminds us of a “bedhead” style that most of us try to mimic. By looking at this model, we get an impression like she just rolled out from her bed and forgot to style her tresses. The key to an excellent messy hairstyle is a right chosen hair product. A chocolate brown hair color comes in handy to give a definition to the style.

Best Asymmetrical Bob Haircut Ideas

Who doesn’t like a brand new look with a trendy hairstyle? Well, while the majority of women go for traditional and popular haircuts others opt for unique and bold cuts to stand out in the crowd. One of the coolest ways to get an original hairstyle is going for an asymmetrical haircut idea. Since bobs are in thing here are the best asymmetrical bob haircuts for you to get your hair inspiration for 2017. The best thing about this style is that it’s achieved on different hair types.short asymmetrical bob haircuts 2017Short Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Most short asymmetrical hairstyles are cute combinations of pixie and bob haircuts. Actually, one part of hair is cut into a short pixie haircut while the other part is in a face framing bob style. This is called a classy short asymmetrical bob haircut. It can be worn on any type of hair but looks neater especially on straight and sleek locks combined with a monotone blonde, brown or black hair color.

Hottest Bob Haircuts with Bangs 2017

Bangs play a great role in the refreshment of hairstyles and haircuts. They are easiest ways to spice up your look and change it up into a cuter and younger appearance. Here are the hottest bob haircuts with bangs for 2017. Whether you have an old-fashioned bob seeking for a modern touch or just want to go for a bob haircut with bangs, these hairstyles will help you to make the right choice according to your hair type, its thickness and texture.bob haircuts with bangs 2017French Bob Haircut with Short Bangs

French bobs are the evolved styles of bowl bob haircuts, which are usually worn on straight hair. They are accompanied by short bangs, which are both edgy and pretty. You can opt for this fringe style if you are looking for something comfy and trendy. It hides half of the forehead and looks very beautiful. In order to make it nicer you may dye your hair in a jet black, platinum blonde or bright copper red shade.

2017 Fake Bob Hairstyles from Celebrities

Many celebrities have gone for faux hairstyles but the most fascinating and popular one is the fake bob hairstyle for 2017. It’s like you have gone for a short hairstyle without chopping your hair off. Doesn’t it sound cool? Let’s discover the most gorgeous celebrities who have tried this hairstyle on their medium and long hair and no-one have guessed that it’s not a real bob.faux bob hairstyles 2017 celebsCate Blanchett Fake Bob Hairstyle

Blonde-haired Cate Blanchett is the first on our list with a fake bob hairstyle. She has worn a cute and elegant bob haircut. This is not the only time she rocks this hairdo. It seems as if she is in love with the bob style but is still thinking of cutting her hair off. It makes her look younger and prettier. The deep side part and gentle locks make this hairstyle look legit. It’s a cool idea for many women of her age.

Unique Bob Hairstyles for 2017

There are millions of bob hairstyles for women but the majority is similar to each other. Special for those who look for unique bob hairstyles for 2017 here are the latest creative, contrasting and dramatic bob haircuts and hairstyles in fresh hair colors. Check out these 5 looks and discover the lovely bob from another side. It can be quite crazy and classy at the same time.bob hairstyles 2017Undercut Bob Hairstyle

Undercuts are typical to male’s haircuts and sometimes women’s pixie styles. Lately they have become common for bob haircuts too. We see side shaved bobs, which seem to create a combination between boyish and girlish hairstyles. The result is interesting though a bit harsh at the end. That’s why stylists recommend to match these haircuts with light and subtle hair colors if you want to keep your feminine charm.

Trendy Bob Hairstyles to Try in 2017

Bob haircuts always amuse us with their endless options and looks. This stylish haircut is everywhere in the fashion world. It is updated every day that’s why we always have something new to look at, get inspiration and try on our own hair. Here are the latest trendy bob hairstyles for 2017. After reading the article you’ll start thinking of a fresh bob cut for your locks.bob hairstyles 2017Layered Bob with Highlights

Layered haircuts are always more voluminous than the rest of styles. They are chic and attractive. In order to bring out the shape and structure of your bob haircut you should opt for hair highlights. Soft and fresh highlights placed on the layers add depth and dimension to short haircuts and provide you with a shinier hair color. You can wear either natural looking highlights matching your base shade or go for edgier and unnatural hues.

New Hairstyle Ideas for Bob Cuts

When hair is too short we find a few options to style it differently but when it provides us with some texture we know what to do with it to make prettier. In the case of bob haircuts we have many styling ideas for casual and special days. If you have just chopped off your hair into a bob cut and are in a search of inspiration then check out these trendy hairstyles for bob cuts.New Hairstyle Ideas for Bob Cuts 2017Straight Hairstyle for Bob

Perhaps you always wear the straight bob haircut in the way it is cut and designed. Let’s change its structure a little bit by tucking front strands behind the ears. This trick brings out the face, makes hair neater and sleeker. In order to style this you need to straighten your hair and apply hair cream or wax to make it sleeker and frizz-free. Then tuck face framing locks behind the ears. You can combine it either with side or center parting as both are stylish.

Celebrities with Shortest Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are categorized in several styles. The shortest options are mainly worn by brave women. Today we will have a look at the best celebrities with the shortest bob haircuts. Check out these gorgeous looks and chop off your hair into a cool short haircut like a hot celebrity. Never ever afraid of short haircuts, as hair tends to grow quite fast. You will not even notice how it became mid-length if you try a new hairstyle every day.celebrities-with-shortest-bob-haircuts-2017Claire Danes Short Bob Haircut

Claire Danes has finally decide to go for that short bob haircut after several experiments of faux bobs for festivals. Her sleek, reddish and shiny hair looks very fresh in this style. It’s not too short to make her look boyish. The face framing nature of cute bobs keeps her femininity and highlights her facial features. It’s a stunning classic bob haircut that can inspire many straight-haired ladies.

Long Bob Haircuts from Celebs

Long bob s the same popular lob hair trend. It’s the most modern medium length haircut for the moment, that’s why we see so many celebrities with long bob haircuts. They either chop off their hair into this length of leave bob haircut grow out a little bit and refresh with a lob cut. Let’s be admired by the loveliest lob hairstyles to copy the best looks in 2017.long-bob-haircuts-from-celebs-2017Taylor Swift Lob Hairstyle

We have seen Taylor in a variety of bob hairstyles in various styles. Her long bob with blunt bangs is a gorgeous hairdo for women with dirty blonde and other natural-looking blonde hair colors. Her modern ashy and mullet hue makes her lob hairstyle softer and cuter. Dye your hair in this ravishing shade and go for a long bob haircut with bangs like Taylor Swift to look so stylish and sophisticated.