Creative Bun Hairstyle Ideas

Hairstyles are always evolved and beautified with modern effects. Buns are the most popular updo hairstyles that come up with a number of pretty styles. This time we will focus on the most creative bun hairstyle ideas. Think out of the box and rock more attractive hairstyles even if it’s a simple and common hairdo. There are always cool ways to switch it up and make interesting.creative-bun-hairstyle-ideas-2017Double Buns with Glitter Roots

The first and the most fascinating bun hairstyle idea in my list is this double bun hairstyle with glitter roots. The best part about it is that it’s eye-catching and festive. You can wear it on long and several kinds of medium length haircuts.double-bun-with-glitter-roots-2017How to Style: First, work on your hair color if you want it sparkle. Go for your favorite blonde, brunette, red, pastel or neon hair color. New shades make hairstyles fresher and trendier. Once you are done with it you can style common double buns by center parting. Use bobby pins to fix and then finish with glitters adding them to the roots.

Criss-Cross Braided Bun Hairstyle

We have seen many braided bun hairstyles but the ones created with criss-cross braids are more creative. They grab attention with their elegance and neat nature. You can get it with French braiding techniques finishing with a cute bun.criss-cross-braided-bun-2017How to Style: Start with middle parting. Then braid French plaits on the sides and criss cross them neatly. Try to get a tidy and polished hairstyle finish with a bun securing with bobby pins.

Multiple Buns Hairstyle

Whether you like cute or a kind of harsh hairstyles this variant of bun hairstyles is awesome and flashy. Multiple buns created all over the head can make you very girlish. They grab attention and keep all eyes on your sophisticated look. You can easily get this hairdo even on short hair.multiple-buns-hairstyle-2017How to Style: Begin with combing your hair and then apply hair cream to make it sleeker. Section into as many parts as your hair texture allows you to. After this, create the small and cute buns and use elastics to tie.

Big Bun Hairstyle for Box Braids

If you have box braids which are quite long and thick then you can achieve a big bun hairstyle with such a luxurious effect in it. This bun is typical to black women who have frizzy hair type and go for box braids to keep control over their messy tresses. Buns just add more coziness and help you to draw attention to your face.bun-hairstyle-for-box-braids-2017