Celebrity Top Knot Hairstyles for 2017

Whether you prefer wearing updo hairstyles on your second day hair or just for fun here are the best celebrity top knot hairstyles for 2017. Some of them are casual and some are super festive. You can rock top nots for various occasions. Check out these hot celebrities looks and discover the best of top knot hairstyles for your locks.Celebrity Top Knot Hairstyles for 2017Shay Mitchell Top Knot Hairstyle

Cotton candy inspired hairstyles are popular among women with straight or slightly wavy hair. Shay Mitchell is one of those who like elegant and classic hairstyles, which bring out their face shape and features. She rocks a traditional top knot hairdo with sleek roots and a bit loose bun on the very top of her head. This hairstyle goes well with her face shape and highlights her seductive femininity.Shay Mitchell top knot 2017Zoe Kravitz Top Knot Hairstyle

What else can be so eye-catching if not a higher top knot combined with undercut and braids. Although the combination is edgy and contrasting but Zoe Kravitz feels quite confident in this posh look. It accentuates her baby hairs that seem to make the hairstyle a bit soft and sophisticated. You can choose it for natural black hair and combine with trendy makeups.Zoe Kravitz top knot hairstyle 2017Rooney Mara Top Knot Hairstyle

Rooney Mara often goes for top knot hairstyles and we always see her in new, modern and more innovative hair designs. This time she stands out in the crowd with her twisted top knot hairdo. It grabs attention thanks to its creative effect and unique style. She has made it a big trend among stylish women who look for new ideas for top knots.Rooney Mara top knot hairstyle 2017Rihanna Top Knot Hairstyle with Bangs

As for Rihanna she has naturally curly hair but we often see her in straight hairstyles. Her top knot combined with long side bangs make her charming look even more delightful and inspiring. She is so lovely in this jet black hairstyle and cool makeup. It frames her cute face and brings out her capturing eyes. As a prom updo you can steal it for the upcoming special event.Rihanna top knot with bangs 2017Janelle Monae Top Knot Hairstyle

Do you have natural hair? Tired of the same traditional top knot? Try Janelle Monae’s signature top knot hairstyle. It looks like a cocked fascination hat and makes her style futuristic, artistic and festive. Such hairstyles make dull black hair quite interesting and attractive.Janelle Monae top knot hairstyle 2017