Stylish Plaits for African Hair 2017

Is your hair African frizz, mess and shag? Find out the most stylish plaits for African hair 2017. With the help of these cool hairdos you will keep control over the messiness and will get a cozier look. Braids are very important for African-American women as they often need neat and comfy hairdos, which will keep front hair out of face. Luckily, many raided hairstyles are big trends and they can rock a variety of options.braided hairstyles for Afro hair 2017Marley Twists

Among the most stylish braided hairstyles for Afro hair you can find the popular Marley Twists. Senegalese, Havana, and Marley twists are actually similar plaits but there are some differences. The main difference is however in the hair and not in the styling technique. Here you need to use twi-strand twisting technique using hair extensions. They should be combined with your natural hair to look natural.Marley Twists 2017Senegalese Twists      

As for Senegalese twists they come from the West African culture and hair styling traditions. In order to achieve the desired look you should wrap straight synthetic hair around your natural hair roots and finish with two-strand twisting at the ends. Like many other plaits and hair extensions Senegalese plaits can also be in a variety of rainbow shades and pastel hues.Senegalese Twists 2017Yarn Braids

Thinner than the rest of plaits and twists are the yarn braids. They are for women who seek for more attention and look for cooler hairstyles for their Afro hair. In order to create this look your stylist needs to use acrylic yarn. The best thing about it is that it can be styled with different braids and twists such as faux dreadlocks and a variety of braided styles. They come up with colorful choices too.Yarn Braids 2017Faux Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are becoming more and more popular. We see stylish faux dreads on the runways of 2017 shows. If you like contrasting and colorful hairstyles then this modern hairdo could be the next Afro inspired style to try. You can opt for messy ponytail, updo and bun hairstyles with long dreadlocks. Use hair extensions for the best look. Keep in mind that many black celebrities including Zendaya often rock this style on the red carpet and you can consider their example too.Faux Dreadlocks 2017Box Braids for Short Hair

The most popular plaits for Afro hair are box braids. Today we see this braided hairstyle paired with shot haircuts. Actually, it’s a great thing to match with many bob and lob hairstyles and if you want to make your voluminous bob neater and classier then the shiny box braids are for braids for short hair 2017