Stylish Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Fishtail is the biggest braided hair trend for the moment. Yes, it’s having its moment and I love how it captures so many female hearts. From the simplest fishtail to the most complicated braided hairdo achieved with fishtails here are the most popular and stylish fishtail braid hairstyles. Check out my carefully chosen collection of fishtail braids and learn as many plating ideas as possible for 2017.fishtail-hairstyles-2017Simple Fishtail Braid

You know what’s the best thing about the fishtail braid? It is cute in any style and looks quite thick. I often wear simple side fishtails to make my thin hair look a bit thick. It also beautifully brings out my hair color. You can opt for this hairstyle for casual days and for second-day hair.simple-fishtail-2017How to Style: Divide your hair into two equal sections. Comb gently to make it frizz-free and sleek. Take a thin strand of hair from the right section and bring it to the left part. Pull it up and across the left section. Then tuck the thicker strand under the right section. Continue this until you reach the tips. Secure with elastic.

Fishtail Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Waterfall braids are usually created with chain and two-strand braiding techniques but we can also see fishtail and Dutch waterfall plaits. Here is the fishtail waterfall with an asymmetrical touch in it. It is an interesting hairstyle for medium and long hair.fishtail-waterfall-braid-2017How to Style: In order to fishtail a waterfall braid you need to use only some part of your hair. Take a thick strand and brush it then divide into two even parts and braid with the same fishtail plating technique. Secure it at the tips. You can use this style to get half-updo hairstyles too.

Fishtail Ponytail Hairstyle

One of my friends likes this hairstyle so much that she can wear it every day. The reason is that it is comfy and keeps control over the thick, annoying and fly away messiness of her hair. It makes it quite polished and sleek.fishtail-ponytail-2017How to Style: Start with a tight and sleek high ponytail hairstyle. Then separate the tail into two parts and plait the simple fishtail. Secure it at the ends with an elastic and comb the top part along with the sides. Finish with hair spray.

Fishtail Updo Hairstyle

There are many fishtail updo hairstyles but I have chosen this particular style as it’s trendy and classic. You can wear it even on messy hair. It will still look elegant and cute. No matter your hair color, folded updo hairstyles are always elegant.fishtail-updo-hairstyleHow to Style: Braid your hair into a low French fishtail hairstyle and secure. Then fold it up and tuck into the hair where you started plaiting. The best results are achieved on medium haircuts. However, it should provide with enough length not to fly away.