Loose and Messy Braided Hairstyle Ideas

My most favorite braided styling idea is loose and messy. Compared with many plaits loose braids are more capturing, seductive and feminine. Although they are carefree and shaggy they look quite soft, sophisticated and beautiful. Here you will find the latest loose and messy braided hairstyles. I am sure you’ll fall in love with some of the looks.loose messy braided hairstyles 2017Loose Waves with Messy Braid

Let’s start with the most amazing combination of loose and messy hairdos. It’s the side parted loose wavy style along with a messy fishtail braid on the other side. You can easily get this hairdo if you have naturally wavy and thick hair.messy waves with braid 2017How to Style: Just pull a he part of your hair to one side and spray hair styling products such as sea salt hair spray or rub hair gels, waxes or creams. Then use your fingers or curling tools to get messy waves all over. Work on the other part of hair. Style into a tight fishtail braid and make it messier. This will look like a long undercut hairstyle.

Loose Pigtail Braids

Again for women who have thick hair there is a trendy braided hairstyle idea to try in 2017. These loose pigtail braids are back to school hairstyles for casual days. They are cool and highlight your cuteness. Remember your girlish looks and style your hair into youthful hairstyles like loose and messy boho inspired pigtail braids. You can rock them with elegant fedora hats.Loose and Messy Braided Hairstyle IdeasHow to Style: Create middle parting with a thin-toothed comb and brush your hair on both sides. Plait into three strands braids and secure at the tips with elastics. Make lose with the help of your fingers and frame your face with thin strands.

Messy Side Fishtail Braid

Along with so many hairstyle ideas fishtails are the most popular and requested hairdos as they are attractive and make hair look prettier, shinier and thicker. Besides, they are quite effortless and convenient especially when hair is long and annoying. You can match them with messy hair too.messy side fishtail 2017How to Style: Pull hair to one side and brush gently. Then rub hair cream and divide your locks into two equal parts. Plait into a loose fishtail and make it a bit messy before securing at the tips.

Messy Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle

The next is the most elegant braided hairstyle that you can match with updos. It’s the halo or the so called milkmaid braid. Actually this hairdo looks nicer in its messy styles than in too polished and sleek looks.messy milkmaid braid 2017How to Style: To keep it natural-looking and subtle, you should braid the top part into a loose crown plait and finish it with an updo hairstyle securing with bobby pins. Try to frame your face with messy bangs as a finishing touch.