Latest Braided Half-Updo Hairstyles

If you like easy ways to pull your front strands to the back and look pretty at the same time then the variety of half-updo hairstyles is for you. Since you are familiar with the most common and traditional half-up hairdos I’ll do my best to give you the latest ideas of braided half-updo hairstyles. Keep in mind some of the most beautiful styles to try for different occasions.braided-half-updo-hairstyles-2017Fishtail Half-Updo Hairstyle

French and fishtail braids are the most popular plaits in fashion. They are sometimes mingled into each other and the result is cooler. This French-fishtail half-updo hairstyle is the first and most requested hairdo that I offer you to try on long and medium hair.fishtail-half-updo-hairstyle-2017How to Style: Brush your hair and flat iron. Then separate underneath and top part locks from each other and start styling the top part. Begin with a loose French plait and finish with a thick fishtail. Secure it with an elastic at the tips. Again brush the underneath part to make it polished.

Crown Braid Half-Updo Hairstyle

Do you like halo or crown braids? They are seen not only with updo but semi-updo hairstyles too. In order to wear a cute crown on the top part of your head you don’t always need to choose hair accessories. This hairstyle creates a stunning crown made of a fishtail braid. It is a chic and luxurious hairstyle for young to Style: Again brush your dry and clean hair and either straighten it or go for loose waves. Then pull some part of your top part hair and fishtail it. Then bring it to another side and secure with a bobby pin to get the crown shape.

Boho Braided Half-Updo Hairstyle

Boho braids are my favorite styles. They give me the freedom to experiment with messy, carefree and effortless hairdos. If you, too, look for an easy-to-do braided half-updo which will take less time for styling, consider this cute version.boho-half-updo-with-braids-2017How to Style: Brush your locks and create a center parting. Then braid thin and tight three-strand plaits on both sides of your hair. Focus on the face framing strands. Then pull them backwards and secure with a nice hair clip or large bobby pin.

Waterfall Braid Half-Updo Hairstyle

Waterfall is the coolest braided hairstyle for half-updos. It’s a romantic and elegant hairdo to rock on short, medium and long hair. The styling techniques of waterfall vary depending on the braid you choose. There are even double braid waterfalls, that compliment thick hair and look more festive.waterfall-half-updo-2017How to Style: Let’s consider the simplest waterfall braid hairdo. Ask your stylist for this cute effect for the next party. Braid the top part section by section and curl the tips. Fix the final look with hair spray.