Fabulous Braided Hairstyle Ideas

The braided hairstyle ideas are limitless, which means that every day you can try a new and more interesting hairstyle keeping up with the trendiest looks. Here are another string of fabulous braided hairstyle ideas for the biggest fans of this category. These hairdos are great for any occasion as they come up with casual and festive touches at the same time.braided hairstyles 2017Crown Braid Half-Updo Hairstyle

It’s so easy to style a crown braid and get a cool half-updo hairstyle and it’s so pretty at the end. This feminine and cute hairdo goes with medium to long hair and is a good idea when you want to have your face framing hair out of face and the rest of the locks in a downdo style at the same time. The crown created on the top provides you with a cozy hairdo and makes you feel more convenient. It can be your next birthday hairstyle.crown braid half updo 2017Wet-Look Braided Hairstyle

Recently braided hairstyles have also joined to the wet-look hair trend to provide us with more fascinating and beautiful looks. Wet-look hair is braided effortlessly when you just brush it. You can choose subtle baby braids according to your personal taste and frame your face with those stylish plaits. They make any wet-look hairstyle prom-ready and trendy.wet-look braided hairstyle 2017Loose Pigtail Braids

With the great popularity of pigtail braids we see new and more fashionable styles. Here is pastel-colored long hair with loose pigtail braids, which look subtler than the tight black braid hairstyles. You may replace your tight plaits with loose and relaxed styles to feel more confident and attractive.loose pigtail braids 2017Braided Hairstyle for Short Hair

Short haircuts like pixies and bobs sometimes give us the chance to rock stunning braided hairstyles time to time. In the majority of cases we meet faux undercut braids placed on the sides of the hair. They create the effect of trendy undercuts and grab attention. These braids are the coolest braided hairstyles that you can meet in the fashion world. They make short hair very capturing and eye-catching.braided hairstyle for short hair 2017Fishtail Updo Hairstyle

Long hair is often beautified with the thick fishtail braid but have you tried its updo version? This one is more festive and glamorous. It is the same thick fishtail only in a round-shaped updo look secured with bobby pins at the sides. You can opt for it to complete your delightful and festive look.fishtail updo hairstyle 2017