Easy to Do Braided Hairstyles for 2017

Any girl is familiar with at least two or three braided hairstyles, but it’s not enough to say that you keep up with the fashion. Even if you, yourself are not skillful enough in this field you still need to ask your stylist for new easy to do braided hairstyles for 2017. Today I’ll offer some cute ideas and will let you know how to style them, open your eyes wider, because we are going to be inspired again and again by the trendiest plaits.  easy-braided-hairstyles-2017Crown Braid Updo Hairstyle

There so many names for this hairdo that I would like to mention the most popular ones; halo, milkmaid, headband and of course crown, which creates a cute crown on the top of the head just with your hair. This hairstyle is used for rainy and windy days and for special occasions.crown-braid-updo-hairstyle-2017How to Style: While it looks somehow complicated it’s quite simple to style. Start with combing your hair and apply hair cream on the top part to get rid of the frizzy. Comb gently and go for a center parting. Then braid the two sections of your hair into pigtail braids. Bring them to the top part and style the crown shape. Secure with bobby pins.

Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

The next easy braided hairstyle is the fancy fishtail. It is mainly combined with side parting for a daintier look. Fishtail is my favorite braided hairdo as it makes my thin locks look thicker. It’s cozy, tight and classic at the same time.side-fishtail-braid-2017How to Style: The styling method of fishtail is not only easy but also quick. All you need is just pulling all your hair to one side. Brush it and separate into two equal parts. Use thin strands to create the fishtail effect and braid until the tips. Secure with a simple elastic. You can finish with a boho inspired headband.

French Pigtail Braids Hairtyle

After so many hot styles of pigtail braids French pigtail plaits are now the most popular. This youthful hairstyle has become Kardashian sisters’ favorite option. It is a seductive and stunning hairdo for long locks. You can rock tight French pigtail braids for casual days.pigtail-french-braids-2017How to Style: In order to archive this fancy look you need to separate your hair into two equal parts with a thin-toothed comb. Then brush the two sides and braid into French plaits from the roots to the tips. Finish securing with elastics.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Both braids and ponytails have the tendency to become old-fashioned which means that they always seek for modern touches. Here I represent a cute combo of a pony and braid hairstyle which looks very classy and harmonious.braided-ponytail-hairstyle-2017How to Style: Rub hair cream on your locks from the top to the tips and go for flat ironing for a sleek and straight result. Then style a tight medium ponytail by brushing. After this, separate the tail into two parts a plait a half fishtail. Finish it at the middle part .

Loose Messy Braid Hairstyle

Messy, undone and natural-looking braids are ideal for beach days and everyday life. Here you see one cool example of a loose messy braid. I am here to tell you that it’s more than fashionable and like the previous braids you can use it in 2017 too.messy-loose-braid-hairstyle-2017How to Style: Start styling your bedhead hair without the use of comb. Use a blow drier, hair sprays and curling tools for a messier and more voluminous look. Then leaving all on the back part or pulling to one side start plaiting into your favorite braid. Secure with an elastic and make the braid looser with the help of your fingers.