Diane Kruger: Best Hairstyle Moments

Diana Kruger is one of the most popular actresses that are also a source of inspiration for ordinary people. She has played many roles that will always remain in our memories. However, today we are not going to discuss her movies, instead we will talk about her best hairstyle moments. We have seen her rocking long hair with different blonde hair colors. Go on reading and choose one of her hairstyles for yourself. Note that these styles can be worn both casually and formally.Diane Kruger hairstylesLoose Updo for Medium Hair

This loose bun has lots of hair flowing around the face and giving Diane Kruger an ultra-feminine look. The headdress is finished off with a lovely band. This loose, yet carefree style is great to show off one’s bone structure and face shape. If you have medium-length hair don’t hesitate to rock the style both casually and formally. Note that it is an easy style to get.Loose Updo for Medium HairFishtail Braid

Here Diane rocks a fishtail braid. A fishtail is such a versatile braid. It can look casual as well as formal. Diane stepped up on red carpet with a hairstyle like this. The braid is swept to the side and it perfectly brings out the multi-tone blonde hair color. Note that this hairstyle is paired with minimal makeup for an impressive and natural look like this. The fishtail looks even better when it is a little messed up.Fishtail BraidChignon Updo

The timeless chignon always looks classic and timeless. The chignon itself is a deceptively simple wrapped bun that is placed on the nape of the neck. Everyone with medium to long hair may achieve the style. A hair color gives extra pop to the style. Note the color is all about highlights and lowlights. It is a great updo for business women.Chignon UpdoPonytail for Long Hair

Ponytails are so versatile. If you are tired of regular ponytails, try something different. This structured ponytail is divided into higher and lower sections. There are also knots that make the ponytail stand out. However, it is impossible not to see the tips painted in a pink shade. The pink tone gives a bold touch to the ponytails. If that’s what you are looking for, get the style for yourself.Ponytail for Long HairWavy Hairstyle

Diane Kruger also took the wheel and chopped her long locks into a stylish lob. Indeed, she looks great both with long and short hair. She demonstrates an impressive lob styled in waves. Since the lob is having a moment right now, you shouldn’t hesitate to rock it even right now. Wavy Hairstyle