Unique Bob Hairstyles for 2017

There are millions of bob hairstyles for women but the majority is similar to each other. Special for those who look for unique bob hairstyles for 2017 here are the latest creative, contrasting and dramatic bob haircuts and hairstyles in fresh hair colors. Check out these 5 looks and discover the lovely bob from another side. It can be quite crazy and classy at the same time.bob hairstyles 2017Undercut Bob Hairstyle

Undercuts are typical to male’s haircuts and sometimes women’s pixie styles. Lately they have become common for bob haircuts too. We see side shaved bobs, which seem to create a combination between boyish and girlish hairstyles. The result is interesting though a bit harsh at the end. That’s why stylists recommend to match these haircuts with light and subtle hair colors if you want to keep your feminine charm.undercut bob hairstyle 2017Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Asymmetrical haircuts have always been in thing as they are edgy and eye-catching styles for all lengths of hair. You can get asymmetrical bob haircuts both on straight and curly hair. They are always flashy and can be styled into elegant hairdos too. If you like bangs, you may combine your new haircut with side swept or asymmetrical bangs.Unique Bob Hairstyles for 2017Bob Haircut with Short Bangs

The perfect Cleopatra bob haircut is perhaps the one with short bangs. We have seen many bob haircuts with blunt bangs but the options with shorter blunt bangs seem to be more fashionable and seductive. They are cozy as they don’t hide the eyes or make you feel inconvenient. This hairstyle is ideal for straight and thick hair. It is cooler with modern glasses and trendy makeups.bob haircut with short bangs 2017Box Braids Bob Hairstyle

Afro-American box braids are taken to the next level. They are accompanied by hot bob hairstyles, which frame the face beautifully. If you want to experiment with box braids then choose this short and comfy style. It will look better with hats, special hair accessories and so on. The choice is up to you. Try to create a unique box braids bob hairstyles in 2017.box braids bob hairstyle 2017Short Mushroom Bob Hairstyle

The bowl bob or the so-called mushroom hairstyle is the most original bob. It has a retro touch in it and goes well with most straight and thick hair types. You can wear mushroom bobs if you like rockabilly or retro inspired hairstyles. It is always combined with straight bangs and are similar to the trendy French bobs.mushroom bob hairstyle 2017