Rihanna Inspired Hairstyle Ideas

Rihanna is not only a talented pop singer but also a fashion icon. Her styles are an ultimate inspiration for fashionistas and beauty bloggers. Rihanna’s ever changing hair colors speak about her bold and daring nature. She has an incredible natural texture, that allows her to go for various hairstyle options. Here we have put together Rihanna’s most inspiring and eye-catching hairstyles. If she is your icon, you will love to see these amazing pictures. rihanna hairstylesPixie Haircut

Not one time Rihanna has been spotted with ultra-short hairstyles. Here she is dressed up in a chic pixie that shits her fantastic bone structure and face shape. With a pixie like this you will never have an outdated look. In case, if you are planning to copy Rihanna’s pixie style, make sure that you have an appropriate face shape. Ask your hairstylist for help.Pixie HaircutLob with Bangs

Seeing Rihanna with dark blonde hair color has been quite surprising, but indeed, we love that. This blonde hair color complements hair dark skin tone and natural texture. She is wearing a lob that is paired with gorgeous bangs. It is the trendiest hairstyle ever, so use your chance to rock it. You may even switch up your hair color.Lob with BangsBun Hairdo

Bun is Rihanna’s signature hairstyle. She loves this effortless headdress. It is not necessary to smoothen your locks before turning them into a bun style. Just wear the bun on your natural texture and rock it with your casual outfit. I am sure every girl knows who to create a simple bun. All you need to do is to pull your hair up and secure into a high updo.Bun HairdoNatural Hairstyle

Rihanna looks just amazing when embracing her natural texture. These curls flatter her face shape and lovely eye color. You don’t have to go for a vivid hair color to look amazing, even a solid shade will bring out the beauty of your natural texture. Those who don’t have this texture, may achieve it by using a cling iron or various hair products.Natural HairstyleVivid Red Hair Color

Rihanna proves that you can freely rock a vivid hair color even if you have dark skin tone. It is important to choose a right tone not to have a washed-out look. Take cue from the following style and if you have complexion like this, go ahead with it. You will definitely make a bold statement.Vivid Red Hair Color